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Virtual Reiki Training Level 1 & 2

Reiki is a form of hands-on healing working with the universal life force energy. Reiki works on the body, mind, and soul by stimulating a person’s own natural healing abilities. Reiki can help get your energy centres (chakras) flowing and release blockages that lead to emotional, physical, and energetic imbalances.

Reiki means universal life force energy and the practice of Reiki is to learn how to channel that healing energy. Essentially you are a conduit for the energy. When you learn Reiki, you become a part of the sacred lineage of healers. This Japanese healing modality can help facilitate deep transformative healing both personal and for others. Its your choice if you choose to become a practitioner, or if you use Reiki to support your own healing journey.

The skills and techniques associated with Reiki are simple and easy to learn. Level 1 & 2 are practitioner classes. These classes will teach you to understand and incorporate this ancient form of healing into your life. Open your energy channels allowing you to connect to the universal life force energy.

Reiki Level 1 Training

In level 1 we will cover:

  • An Introduction to Reiki

  • The story of Reiki & Dr. Mikao Usui

  • The 5 Reiki Principles

  • Chakras and the body

  • Reiki Self treatments

  • Hand Positions for treatment of others

  • Lesson on giving and receiving Reiki

  • Receive a Reiki attunement

  • Self treatment

  • Reiki accompaniments

  • Reiki & intuitive development

  • Other uses for Reiki


Reiki Level 2 Training

In level 2 we will cover:

  • An Introduction to Reiki 2nd Degree

  • The Sacred Reiki Symbols

  • Sending distant Reiki

  • Guided meditation & practice 

  • Initiation of the symbols

  • Receive a Reiki attunement 

  • Hand positions & techniques

  • Combining Reiki & other healing disciples

  • Animal Reiki techniques

  • Q&A


Course Structure

Level 1 Certification - $250

Level 2 Certification - $250 (Level 1 Pre-Requisite)


Each course includes:

  • Live online virtual 3-hour class

Course accompaniments include:  

  • A copy of the presentation

  • Meditation soundtracks

  • Course handouts

  • Certificate of completion

Meet The Reiki Master


Hi there,

I’m Ashley, your Reiki Master and spiritual consultant. I am formally trained in the Usui Method of Universal Energy Healing. I started my work with Reiki in 2018 as a way to incorporate it with my death doula practice. I started offering Reiki healing to hospice, palliative care and transitioning patients as a way to bring comfort and spiritual respite during end of life.

Through this journey I started working with individuals looking to bring Reiki and other healing modalities into their life and practice. I have developed these online programs as a way to connect and support people in their healing practices. I chose to host these courses virtually to provide accessibility for interested practitioners.


I will facilitate in-person classes through private events and spiritual or healing centers. Please contact me if you are looking to join the waitlist or learn more about this sacred practice.

Get In Touch & Join The Waitlist 

Classes run on a seasonal schedule. Join the waitlist and I will contact you with more details. 

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