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Ashley Miller Bird

Astrology, Intuitive Readings & Consultations

About Me

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Hello, thanks for stopping by. If you are interested in astrology, tarot, reiki, mediumship, the afterlife and more, you're in the right place. 

My name is Ashley Miller Bird (she/her).  I am an Astrologer, Intuitive Consultant and Educator specializing in a variety of metaphysical and esoteric practices. I consider myself a keeper of arcane knowledge, a life long student, and an information organizing expert.


I want to help you connect with your inner being through the energies and messages the universe has for you. My favourite quote by Socratesi is “to know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” An intuitive reading can help connect you to your inner wisdom. As an Astrologer, I live by the concept of "as above, so below", we are connected to the sky, the earth and the energy all around us. With a little guidance and navigation from the stars, we can understand the most complex parts of ourselves.

What called me to do this work was a keen interest in human behavior and a passion for helping people cope with challenging and difficult times. I want to help people heal themselves on a soul level. I work with a variety of different modalities to help guide people during difficult transitions and life challenges. I enjoy doing shadow work with my clients using divination and a mix of intuitive techniques.

My skills have been developed over years of experiences, mentorship, training and certification courses. My Education and studies include mediumship, tarot, astrology, akashic records, remote viewing, psychic development, contemplative care, reiki, dream analysis, aura readings and past life regression. I work with a full spectrum of metaphysical techniques. My work is always evolving, its a life long vocation and I'm dedicated to continuous learning and advancing in my field of work and studies to better serve.

Sometimes you just need some guidance from the universe to help propel you into the next phase of your life. Whatever that looks like for you, I'm here to hold space and help support you through the process. I look forward to working with you.


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Client Testimonials

“Ashley is an excellent teacher with clear expertise and very encouraging of all her students. I really improved my skills thanks to her. She always includes astrological symbolism to her interpretations and has given me very simple tips and tricks to use when doing readings for all sorts of different people and with all types of time or space constraints.  If you are looking to strengthen your tarot reading skills in a supportive and well structured class environment, Ashley is a great choice, especially if you want to also be able to read intuitively and not rely upon traditional Tarot interpretations. My practical tarot skills have shot through the roof and the energy in her classes is always beautiful.”

~ Tamara S

“10 out of 10!  Ashley is an entertaining and insightful reader.  I’m new to tarot card reading and I was really impressed!  The reading gave me goosebumps because of how accurate it was!  I’ll definitely be a repeat customer! 100% recommend.”

~ Beverley N

Hi Ashley, I just wanted to thank you for the reading you did for me. I am really hard to break thru and I was so surprised how you managed to get right into my soul and tell me things I really needed to hear. You don't understand how important that was to me and the guidance you gave me worked wonders on my soul. I will be rebooking again

~ Angela S

“Ashley is a wonderful teacher and reader. I've received readings from her which are always so accurate and on point with what's going on in my life at that time. I also took her 8 week tarot course, which left me excited and well equipped to do readings for others. I've had such a great experience with Ashley that I would recommend her to anyone looking for a reading (astrology, medium, intuitive, tarot) or a spiritual teacher.”

~ Kerrie C

“Ashley’s astrology reading was amazingly insightful, her report was so detailed. It’s a great keepsake to have and reflect upon in the future. She will be the entertainment at my next party.”

~ Wendy B

“Ashley has a strong connection with spirit and and is very gifted and she was able to bring through such insight and clarity around the things that are going on in my life. I walked away knowing the next steps I needed to take and with a confidence knowing I could do it. Ashley is the real deal, and I highly recommend her!”

~ Joann A

“Ashley was amazing and very in depth with my astrology chart. She was upfront, honest, super knowledgeable and helpful with me to understand it. There’s no one I’d rather talk to or learn about these topics with, and also share personal info. I learned a lot about myself and couldn’t have seen it without her. Absolutely recommend giving it a try! Thank you Ashley”

~Ethan S

“Ashley, your readings have allowed me to let go of the pain from my past and move forward with new insight and a GREAT BIG SMILE. You confirmed in my heart what I knew was true and for that I will always be grateful.  I have learned so much through this reading, I would highly recommend YOU to anyone willing to sit down and listen!”

~ Tina C

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